Gratis Video Tutorial Laravel 5 Fundamentals Dari Laracasts

Framework PHP Laravel baru saja merilis versi ke 5 dan memberikan video tutorial gratis mengenai Laravel 5 Fundamental. Saat ini ada 27 materi yang disajikan dan bisa saja nantinya bertambah.

1. Meet Composer 2. Virtual Machines and Homestead 3. A Gentle Introduction to Routing, Controllers, and Views 4. Passing Data to Views 5. Blade 101 6. Environments and Configuration 7. Migrations 8. Eloquent 101 9. Basic Model/Controller/View Workflow 10. Forms 11. Dates, Mutators, and Scopes 12. Form Requests and Controller Validation 13. View Partials and Form Reuse 14. Eloquent Relationships 15. Easy Auth 16. Ogres Are Like Middleware 17. Midterm Review 18. Route Model Binding 19. Manage Your Assets 20. Flash Messaging 21. Many to Many Relations (With Tags) 22. Selecting Tags From the UI 23. Syncing Tags 24. Enhancing Select Elements 25. When You Want a View Partial to Always Receive Data 26. The Service Container 27. Loose Ends and Wrapping Up

Laracasts – Laravel 5 Fundamentals

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