Cara Install Froxlor Server Management Panel di Ubuntu 18.04

Froxlor adalah aplikasi server management panel dengan lisensi open source. Froxlor memiliki berbagai fitur seperti manajemen web hosting, nama domain, FTP, dan email.

*Konfigurasi hostname*

Hostname harus Fully Qualifed Domain Name (FQDN) misalnya nama domain, untuk hostname


1 sudo hostnamectl set-hostname

Buka file /etc/hosts.


1 sudo vim /etc/hosts

Tambahkan IP_SERVER dan host.





1 sudo reboot

*Install Apache*

Tidak seperti control panel lainnya, web server harus diinstall di awal sebelum install Froxlor.


1 2 sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2 -y

*Install PHP*

Install PHP dan extension yang dibutuhkan.


1 sudo apt install php php-common php-xml php-mbstring php-curl php-bcmath php-zip php-json php-mysql -y

*Install MariaDB*

Install MariaDB database.


1 sudo apt install mariadb-server -y

Amankan instalasi MariaDB.


1 sudo mysql_secure_installation

Jawab pertanyaan yang diberikan.


1 2 3 4 5 6 Enter current password for root (enter for none): ENTER Set root password? [Y/n] y Remove anonymous users? [Y/n] y Disallow root login remotely? [Y/n] y Remove test database and access to it? [Y/n] y Reload privilege tables now? [Y/n] y

Login MariaDB dan buat database dan user untuk froxlor.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 sudo mysql -u root -p update mysql.user set plugin=” where user=’root’; create database froxlor; create user ‘froxlor’@’localhost’ identified by ‘secret’; grant all privileges on froxlor.* to ‘froxlor’@’localhost’ identified by ‘secret’ with grant option; flush privileges; exit;

*Install Froxlor*

Download Froxlor terbaru.


1 2 3 4 wget tar xzvf froxlor-latest.tar.gz mv froxlor /var/www/html chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/froxlor

Browse http://ip-server/froxlor. Klik Start Install.

Welcome to Froxlor

Pemeriksaan system requirements, apakah semua requirements telah terpenuhi. Jika tampil pesan All requirements are satisfied, berarti semua sudah terpenuhi. Klik Click here to continue.

Checking system requirements

Masukkan Database connection.

Database connection

Masukkan Administrator Account.

Administrator account

Masukkan Server settings. Terakhir klik Click here to continue.

Server settings

Jika instalasi sukses, ditampilkan pesan Froxlor was installed successfully.

Froxlor was installed successfully

Klik Click here to login untuk login ke Froxlor.

Login to Froxlor

Masukkan username dan password.

Froxlor Dashboard

Selamat mencoba 🙂

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