How to Install CloudPanel on Debian 10

CloudPanel is a server control panel software designed specifically to run PHP-based web applications. CloudPanel is a community edition of the control panel mgt-commerce, a web hosting service on top of the AWS cloud for the Magento e-commerce CMS that has been operating for 10 years.

*Pros of CloudPanel*

According to CloudPanel, there are 5 advantages of the control panel developed by MGT-COMMERCE GmbH.

1. Free, no cost, no time limit, and feature limitations. 2. Easy to use, simple design. 3. Supports large cloud services such as AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. 4. Performance and security, using the Nginx web server, PHP-FPM, and MySQL database. Available Let’s Encrypt SSL, bot blocker, and 2FA CloudPanel login. 5. Supports multiple PHP versions.

*System Requirements*

CloudPanel requires the following system requirements:

· Operating System Debian 10 · CPU 1 Core · 2GB RAM · 15GB disk

*Install CloudPanel*

Login to the server via SSH, then run the update first.


1 2 apt update apt upgrade -y

Install the required packages.


1 apt install curl wget sudo -y

Download the CloudPanel installer and run it.


1 curl -sSL | sudo bash

CloudPanel installation

After the CloudPanel install is complete, access https://serverIP:8443.

Access CloudPanel

Then create an Admin User.

Create Admin User

Then login to CloudPanel.

CloudPanel Dashboard

Good luck 🙂

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