How to install Nextcloud client on Ubuntu 20.04

In the previous article I discussed how to install Nextcloud server on CentOS 8. Now go to the steps of how to create a user and install the Nexcloud client application on Ubuntu 20.04.

*1. Creating User Nextcloud*

The first step is to create a user account on Nextcloud.

1. Login using the admin account at Nextcloud. 2. Click the *Settings->Users* menu. 3. Click the *+ New user* button. 4. Enter your Username, Display name, Password, Email, and Quota. 5. Click the tick button.

Nextcloud – New user

Nextcloud – Users

*2. New User Testing*

The next step is to test the user account that was just created.

1. Logout first from Nextcloud. 2. Log back in to Nextcloud using the new user account. 3. Test by creating files or folders. 4. To change user account information, click *Settings->Personal info* menu.

Nextcloud – Personal Info

*3. Install Nextcloud client*

Nextcloud client is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The Linux distributions openSUSE Tumbleweed, Arch Linux, and Fedora are available in the repositories. Ubuntu and Debian are available in the PPA repository. Also available in AppImage format for portable Linux applications.

Here I am using Nextcloud client AppImage format and run on Ubuntu 20.04. I chose AppImage because it is portable and I don’t have to add more repositories.

1. Download *Nextcloud.AppImage*. 2. Move Nextcloud.AppImage to the home folder so it’s easy to find. 3. Right-click Nextcloud.AppImage, *Properties* menu, *Permissions* tab, and check *Allow executing file as program*. Then close.

Nextcloud AppImage Permissions

4. Double click Nextcloud.Appimage to run the application. 5. Click *Log in*.

Nextcloud client – Log in

6. Enter *Server Address*.

Nextcloud client – Server Address

7. Nextcloud client will automatically open a browser and ask to log into the Nextcloud server. Click *Log in*.

Nextcloud – Connect to account

8. After logging in, click *Grant access* to grant access to the Nextcloud client.

Nextcloud – Grant access

9. The user account is connected to the Nextcloud client. This window can be closed.

Nextcloud – Account connected

10. Nextcloud client asks for local folder configuration. By default sync folders are at */home/user/Nextcloud*. This local folder can be changed or added. Click *Connect …*.

Nextcloud client – Local folder options

11. Nextcloud client starts synchronizing from remote folder to local folder.

Nextcloud client – Synchronizing

12. Local folders are synchronized.

Nextcloud client – Synchronized

Good luck 🙂

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