How to install WordPress with EasyEngine on Ubuntu 18.04


EasyEngine is a ready to use LEMP (Linux Nginx MySQL PHP) stack for easy deployment of WordPress-based websites. EasyEngine can be installed on top of Ubuntu and Debian Linux distributions.

*Install EasyEngine*

Download the EasyEngine installer and run it. This tutorial uses Ubuntu 18.04.


1 wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

EasyEngine installation has been completed.

EasyEngine installation

*Install WordPress*

Installing WordPress with the subdomain **, SSL, and cache.


1 ee site create –type=wp –ssl=le –cache=on –proxy-cache=on

The WordPress installation is complete. Take note of the information displayed.

Create WordPress site

Test accessing WordPress.

WordPress site

Test accessing the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress dashboard

EasyEngine installs the WordPress plugins *Nginx helper* and *WP Redis* for cache functions.

WordPress plugins

*Other commands*

Displays website information.


1 ee site info

Displays a list of websites.


1 ee site list

Remove a website.


1 ee site delete

Displays a list of commands and instructions for use.


1 ee help

Good lick 🙂

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