How to Install Webuzo Control Panel on CentOS 7

Webuzo is a software for web hosting control panel with LAMP stack. Webuzo supports various virtual machine hypervisors such as Xen, KVM, and OpenVZ. Webuzo includes a paid control panel, you have to buy a license if you want to get complete features.

*System Requirements*

System requirements for running Webuzo:

· Operating system: CentOS 6/7 64bit, Ubuntu LTS 64bit · RAM: Minimum 1GB, Recommended 2GB · Disk space: Minimum 5GB, Recommended 10GB

*The system used*

The system used in this tutorial:

· VPS type: OpenVZ · Operating system: CentOS 64bit · CPU: 2 · RAM: 2GB · Disk: 20GB

/This tutorial uses VPS from Qwords/

*Install Webuzo*

Download Webuzo installer.


1 wget -N

Grant script execution permission.


1 chmod u+x

Run the installer.


1 ./

Webuzo installer

*Initial Setup*

After Webuzo is installed, browse *http://serverIP:2004*.

Enter *username*, *email*, and *password*.

User account

Enter *primary domain*, if you don’t have one, enter the server IP address.

Enter *nameserver*, if you don’t have one, enter the dummy nameserver, for example ** and **.

Then click *Install*.

Domain & nameserver

The Webuzo installation is complete.

Webuzo installation completed

Webuzo Admin Panel URL at *http://serverIP:2004*, use the username *root*.

Webuzo Admin Panel

Enduser Panel at *http://serverIP:2002*, use the username and password created during the installation.

Webuzo Enduser Panel

Good luck 🙂

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